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Upvc conservatories: You only have to look at the rear of houses today to see the different styles available. In the eighties and nineties the Victorian conservatory was the popular model. It has to be said that this was mainly because they were easier to fabricate and were usually cheaper. Upvc conservatory manufacture has become much easier these days and the price gap has closed between the Victorian and the Edwardian conservatories. Victorian upvc conservatories loose a lot of space in its design. There are different colours of upvc conservatory that change the look of any bespoke conservatory design to help match your home. Standard white upvc conservatories have an outstanding clean look and lines, or you could opt for a mahogany or rosewood wood grain effect upvc conservatory to have the looks of a hardwood conservatory but with the benefits of upvc, you could also have an oak wood grain effect upvc conservatory for a lighter more contemporary look.

Upvc conservatories options: Some of the major advantages of upvc conservatories are often overlooked. There are many parts to upvc conservatories that can be uniquely tailored to your own bespoke conservatory from the door handles and ring beam trim to change the look of your upvc conservatory to ridge ventilation and sun-cool glass to change the feel of your upvc conservatory. There are many options and extras that can be fitted to an upvc conservatory to make each one your own. Don’t just accept the conservatory at its base level ask what are the available optional extras and how much do they cost. It really is worth knowing what is available ask the designer.

Upvc conservatories strength: All upvc conservatories have frames that are reinforced with aluminium to keep them strong enough to hold the weight of the conservatory but also to aide in the security of your upvc conservatory. A question often asked is there any difference between replacement window frames and upvc conservatory frames. The answer is yes and no confusing answer there is a difference the frames are all slightly larger sections and are fully reinforced yet the frames are manufactured from the same system profile so the colour and shape are constant between windows and conservatories from the same supplier.

Glazing upvc conservatories: Most popular choice is polycarbonate this is generally because more companies only offer polycarbonate so they sell the benefits of it. Polycarbonate is cheaper and easier to manufacture and install. Polycarbonate comes in several different types, clear, and bronze, opal and heat shield. There are also several thickness’ available in the eighties the common size was twelve millimetres to day the average is twenty-five millimetres with some roofing systems being able to go up to thirty-five millimetres. The of course there is glass roofing. More expensive but it will always be the best. Glazing products like Reflex glass, Celsius glass, Conservaglass and Pilkington Sun cool glass all have different benefits the only way to see which is best for your pocket and upvc conservatory is to ask your designer to demonstate all of the products at the same time in your home.

Upvc conservatories maintenance: Upvc conservatories are hard wearing and easy to clean, with little maintenance needed to keep that extra room in your home clean. You can wash the upvc with soap and water solution, every few months to remove grime and atmospheric deposits. Avoid using all solvent based or abrasive cleaners. Upvc conservatories are designed with inbuilt drainage systems comprising of drainage slots to allow the water to flow to the outside. Unlike the guttering on your house, which is often laid to falls on a conservatory, it is laid level. This is perfectly acceptable all in accordance with BS 63 67:1983 code of practice for drainage of roofs. Occasionally therefore you will notice standing water in your gutter system. It is important that all gutters and their respective outlets are cleaned regularly.


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Vogue Conservatories Testimonials – Our upvc conservatory looks as good as new we wash it down as suggested in the maintenance manual and it still looks as good as the day it was built.


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